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Version: 3

Known Issues and Limitations

Block and Inline HTML

All HTML elements have been hardcoded to either block or inline. This cannot be changed and using display: block or display: inline won't have any effect.


Block elements like <div>, <p>, or <li>tags are not supported inside tables. The content is displayed, but any CSS properties which apply are ignored.

Block Floating/Positioning

Blocks which are defined as position: absolute or position: fixed, or are floated have only limited support.

Corrupt PDF File

This is usually caused by PHP errors generated while the PDF is created. The easiest fix is to turn off PHP error reporting and log the errors to a file (something that should be done in all production environments).

To debug the issue save the PDF to disk and open it up in a text document. The start of the PDF will contain a PHP error message which will help narrow down the issue.

Text being replaced by random numbers / dates.

mPDF uses a number of reserved variables which can be inserted into a template and replaced when generating a PDF.

Blank Screen and no PDF

If you are getting a blank screen when attempting to generate a PDF there may be a script error. Setting WP_DEBUG to true in your wp-config.php file and viewing the PDF again should reveal the problem. In a majority of cases this is caused by a lack of RAM assigned to your web server.