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Version: 5

Install Template via Template Manager

After you've created your custom template, you can either upload it to the PDF Working Directory using an FTP client or zip up the files and install them via the PDF Template Manager.


Gravity PDF 5.1+ caches the template header data in a transient. If you re-upload the template via FTP after changing the headers, you'll need to toggle on Debug Mode to purge the old header information. The cache is automatically flushed when re-installed templates via the PDF Template Manager.

Zip Archive Structure

To create a .zip package just zip up your PDF template file(s) in the root of the zip archive:

| +-- hello-world.php

Multiple templates can be installed via a single zip archive:

| +-- hello-world.php
| +-- hello-moon.php

If you've created a configuration and/or image file for your template, include them in their correct directories (config/images):

| +-- hello-world.php
| +-- /config/
| +-- hello-world.php
| +-- /images/
| +-- hello-world.png

Common Problems

No valid PDF template found in Zip archive.

The PHP file [Name] is not a valid PDF Template.

These errors can occur if:

  1. The PHP template is NOT in the root of your zip archive. Open the archive and make sure there's not a directory in the root which then contains your template file(s). If they are, re-create the zip archive.

  2. The PHP template does not contain a valid header structure. Edit your template and ensure you add all the required headers, then zip up and try again.