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Version: 5

Gravity PDF CSS Ready Class Support

Snapshot of the CSS Ready PDF Classes

In the Core PDF templates (and some Universal templates), two/three/four column support is provided through the use of CSS Ready Classes.

Supported Classes

Gravity PDF supports the following official CSS Ready Classes:

  • gf_left_half (two-column layout)
  • gf_right_half (two-column layout)
  • gf_left_third (three-column layout)
  • gf_middle_third (three-column layout)
  • gf_right_third (three-column layout)

When not already in a column the following List classes are also supported:

  • gf_list_2col
  • gf_list_3col
  • gf_list_4col
  • gf_list_5col

Four Column Classes

This four-column CSS code has become increasingly popular for Gravity Forms users and so we have added full support for these classes in Gravity PDF (make sure to include the custom CSS with your theme to get the same effect on the front end).

To start using in your PDF, add the classes gf_first_quarter, gf_second_quarter, gf_third_quarter and gf_fourth_quarter to your Gravity Form fields and supported PDF templates will automatically create a four column layout to match.