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Version: 3

Gravity PDF Installation - Manual Initialisation

If Gravity PDF prompts you to manually initialise you’ll need to follow the link in the prompt or navigate to Gravity Forms -> Settings -> PDF.

What does initialisation do?

When initialising, Gravity PDF creates a directory specifically for your PDF template and configuration files. If you are running a multisite installation, and are logged in as a super administrator, it does this for all sites in your network.

System Status

There are a number of requirements that need to be met before Gravity PDF will attempt to run. If there is any requirements that are not met the system status will indicate an error and suggest a solution.


Initialising is as simple as selecting the Initialise Plugin button. As the plugin is creating directories and moving files some users will be prompted to enter their FTP or SFTP details to complete the process.

Initialisation Completed

Once you’ve completed the initialisation process you will be able to view the default PDF template in all your form entries.