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By default temporary files Gravity PDF creates are stored in the tmp folder inside the PDF working directory. As we discussed in the PDF security documentation this directory is protected from direct access by a .htaccess file. However, this only works for web servers running Apache or Litespeed. This filter allows you to move this folder to a private directory that isn't accessible from the web, ensuring your PDFs stay private.

Note: your web server needs write access to the folder you move this directory to.


$path | string : The path to the tmp folder.

$working_folder | string : The working directory folder name. By default this is PDF_EXTENDED_TEMPLATES.

$upload_path | string : The path to your uploads directory (where the PDF working directory is stored by default).


The following snippet shows you how you can move the PDF temporary directory to a private folder that's not accessible through a browser:

add_filter( 'gfpdf_tmp_location', function( $path, $working_folder, $upload_url ) {
* On a standard WordPress installation the ABSPATH directory refers to the top-level directory where WordPress
* is located. Going up a directory and creating the tmp folder there usually means it becomes private (but not always)
* Note: your hosting may prevent the ability to write to folders outside the WordPress top-level directory and this
* will not work. Make sure you test PDF Notifications still function after adding this code.
return dirname( ABSPATH ) . '/GravityPDF/tmp/'; /* <-- make sure you include the foward slash */

* If the above doesn't work, you can try use the get_temp_dir() function instead
return get_temp_dir() . 'GravityPDF/'; /* <-- make sure you include the foward slash */

}, 10, 3 );

Once you've verified the filter works correctly you should manually remove the old directory.

Source Code

This filter is located in the Model_Install::setup_template_location() method of /src/model/Model_Install.php.