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Version: 4

Adding Page Breaks

Added in Gravity PDF 4.2, you can force a page breaks before certain fields in Core and Universal PDF templates using a special CSS class in the Gravity Forms Editor.

Add Pagebreak before Field

Add 'pagebreak' class to Gravity Form Field

To create a pagebreak in the PDF you need to add the CSS class pagebreak to a field in the Gravity Forms Editor. You can do this by:

  1. Navigating to your form's editor
  2. Select the field you want forced onto a new page in the PDF
  3. Open the Appearance tab and add pagebreak to the Custom CSS Class field. If a class is already included ensure you add a space between it and pagebreak
  4. Save your form

This technique works for all fields that support Custom CSS Classes except Product fields when included in the product table and Page Break fields.