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Version: v6

Gravity PDF API – get_templates_class()


Get access to the template management class methods uses in the Gravity PDF plugin. You might use methods like get_template_info_by_id() to get more information about the template currently configured on a form. There's more than 20 different methods to use, so we recommend reviewing the src/helper/Helper_Templates.php file for full details.


This method was introduced in Gravity PDF 4.1.


\GFPDF\Helper\Helper_Templates | object

  • The template management class


This snippet shows how to retrieve the template header information based on the ID:

add_action( 'init', function() {
if ( class_exists( 'GPDFAPI' ) ) {
/* Get Gravity PDF template class */
$templates = GPDFAPI::get_templates_class();

$zadani_template_info = $templates->get_template_info_by_id( 'zadani' );
} );

Source Code

This method is located in api.php, and the misc class can be found in src/helper/Helper_Templates.php.