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Version: v6

Gravity PDF API – update_pdf()


This method allows you to update an existing PDF's settings. If you are using data provided by the user ensure you validate and sanitize everything as we don't do it for you.


This method was introduced in Gravity PDF 4.0.


$form_id | integer

  • The Gravity Forms ID

$pdf_id | string

  • The PDF internal identifier (found in the pid URL parameter when viewing individual PDF settings in the admin area)

$settings | array

  • The PDF settings you are updating to. This settings array will replace ALL current PDF settings.



  • True on success, false on failure


The following snippet shows you how to retrieve a PDF's existing settings and update the name:

add_action( 'init', function() {
if ( class_exists( 'GPDFAPI' ) ) {

/* Get the individual PDF config */
$pid = '56c14c955d989';
$pdf = GPDFAPI::get_pdf( 2, $pid );

$pdf['name'] = 'New PDF Name';

if( GPDFAPI::update_pdf( 2, $pid, $pdf ) ) {
//PDF updated successfully
} );

For the full list of settings available see the form_settings, form_settings_appearance and form_settings_advanced arrays in the Helper_Options_Fields::get_registered_fields() method.

Source Code

This method is located in api.php.