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Version: v6



Field types that are included will be automatically placed on a new row in Core and Universal PDFs. If you'd like to enable/disable column support for a field, include it in this list.

By default page, section, and html fields are skipped.


This filter was introduced in Gravity PDF 4.4.


$skipped_fields | array

  • A list of Gravity Forms field types to skip


Enable column support for HTML field types:

add_filter( 'gfpdf_container_skip_fields', function( $items ) {
return [ 'page', 'section' ];
} );

Prevent Name fields from being displayed in a column:

add_filter( 'gfpdf_container_skip_fields', function( $items ) {
$items[] = 'name';

return $items;
} );

Source Code

This filter is located in the Helper_Field_Container::__construct() method of /src/helper/Helper_Field_Container.php.