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Version: v6



This filter is useful if you want to manipulate the $form object specifically when a PDF is being processed. The filter is used in multiple locations throughout the code and, if needed, you can use $method to target to only modify $form during a specific class/function/method.


This filter was introduced in Gravity PDF 6.3.


$form | array

  • The Gravity Forms array

$entry | array

  • The raw Gravity Forms Entry array.

$type | string

  • The class/function/method the filter is being applied.
  • Valid options include:
    • initialize_pdf_class
    • get_form_data
    • get_core_template_styles
    • generate_html_structure
    • process_and_save_pdf
    • generate_pdf
    • trigger_post_save_pdf
    • get_pdf_display_list
    • get_active_pdfs
    • get_pdf_name
    • apply_backwards_compatibility_filters


The following will reorder Gravity Forms fields in Core / Universal PDFs:

add_filter( 'gfpdf_current_form_object', function( $form, $entry, $type ) {
if ( $type === 'generate_html_structure' ) {
/* Move the 3rd and 4th fields to the end of the form two fields from the start of the form and add to the end */
$extracted_fields = array_splice( $form['fields'], 2, 2 );
$form['fields'] = array_merge( $form['fields'], $extracted_fields );

return $form;
}, 10, 3 );

Source Code

This filter is located in the following methods and files:

  • Helper_PDF::__construct() method in /src/Helper/Helper_PDF.php.
  • Model_PDF::get_form_data() method in /src/Model/Model_PDF.php.
  • View_PDF::get_core_template_styles() method in /src/View/View_PDF.php.
  • View_PDF::generate_html_structure() method in /src/View/View_PDF.php.
  • Model_PDF::process_and_save_pdf() method in /src/Model/Model_PDF.php.
  • View_PDF::generate_pdf() method in /src/View/View_PDF.php.
  • Model_PDF::trigger_post_save_pdf() method in /src/Model/Model_PDF.php.
  • Model_PDF::get_pdf_display_list() method in /src/Model/Model_PDF.php.
  • Model_PDF::get_active_pdfs() method in /src/Model/Model_PDF.php.
  • Model_PDF::get_pdf_name() method in /src/Model/Model_PDF.php.
  • Model_PDF::apply_backwards_compatibility_filters() method in /src/Model/Model_PDF.php.