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Version: v6

Watermark: How to Install and Configure

Watermark add-on

Watermark is a premium plugin for Gravity PDF that allows you to easily add a watermark to any Gravity PDF-generated document. You can include a text- or image-based watermark, control the watermark opacity, as well as the font.

You can purchase the Watermark plugin from the Extension Shop. This guide will walk you through installing and configuring Watermark to its full potential.


Please follow our installation guide, which provides instructions for uploading the add-on to your WordPress website and adding your license key for automatic updates.


This documentation is for Watermark version 2.x, which adds support or the PDF for GravityView extension, additional translations, and bumps the minimum supported Gravity PDF version to 6.0+. Looking for the 1.x documentation? You can find the v1 docs here.


This extension adds a number of new settings to all non-legacy PDF templates (any template designed for Gravity PDF v4 or higher), and they can be found in the Appearance section when adding/editing the PDF settings.

Watermark Settings

Watermark settings

Below is the list of settings added by Watermark, with a brief description about what each is for:

Enable PDF Watermark

  • Toggle to enable the Watermark feature.
  • When enabled, the PDF/A-1b and PDF/X-1a formats are automatically disabled due to not supporting transparency.

Image Watermark

Text Watermark

  • Display a text watermark diagonally-centred on each page of your PDF.
  • Valid UTF-8 character can be displayed, provided the Font supports it.
  • Text and Image Watermarks can be used concurrently.
  • Merge tags are supported



  • Control the transparency of both the Image and Text Watermarks by selecting a value between 0 and 100%.
  • A 0% opacity is completely transparent, while 100% opacity is not transparent at all.

Gravity PDF Previewer

The Watermark plugin settings are supported with the Previewer add-on, so you can display image watermarks when previewing the PDF.

The Previewer Text Watermark setting takes precedent over the Watermark setting when the PDF is displayed before form submission. For example, if you were to:

  • Set the Watermark Text Watermark to "Sample"
  • Set the Previewer Field's Text Watermark to "Preview"

When viewing the PDF preview, the watermark "Preview" will be displayed. And when viewing after form submission, the watermark "Sample" will be displayed.

PDF for GravityView

You can enable text and image watermarks for documents generated by the PDF for GravityView plugin.