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Version: v6

Managing PDFs – Add, Edit, Deactivate, Duplicate and Delete

A look at a form's PDF list

You can configure more than one PDF on a Gravity Forms form, and the PDF List Page is where you go to manage these configurations. You can easily add new PDFs, edit existing ones, temporarily disable, duplicate, or even delete individual PDFs.

Why would you need multiple PDFs on a form?

When you begin taking advantage of conditional logic, use the Core Booster add-on to control which fields are displayed in each PDF, or install a premium or Bespoke template, one PDF per form just isn't enough. A simple example of this would be sending customer info to the onboarding team, and also an invoice to the accounting team (plus a copy for the customer).

How to I find the PDF List page

PDF Form Settings List

The PDF settings for an individual form can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. Navigating to Forms -> Forms in your WordPress admin area.
  2. Locate the form you want to create a PDF for, then hover your mouse (or similar device) over that particular row. A list of actions will be revealed; click the Settings action.
  3. When the page loads select the navigation item called PDF in the left sidebar.

List Columns

The list column names

The PDF list contains four columns which provide an overview of the PDFs currently configured for your Gravity Form. These include:


  • This column displays the internal PDF label. It also functions as the "actions" column. By hovering over the row the Edit, Duplicate and Delete actions will appear in this column.


  • The selected PDF template will be displayed in this column. Along with the name, the template's group will also be displayed. For instance, any template that ships with the software is apart of the Core group. This is useful when you start creating custom PDF templates.
  • PDF templates may also require a specific version of Gravity PDF. If the version requirements aren't met a notice will be displayed in this column.


  • If you've configured the PDF to attach to any of the form's notifications a list of those notifications will show in this column.


  • This column displays a Copy button that will save the associated PDF download link shortcode to your clipboard. You can then paste it into Gravity Forms Confirmations or Notifications. See our shortcode documentation for more details about the [gravitypdf] shortcode.


There are five main actions available to you when managing your PDFs. They are:

  1. Add
  2. Edit
  3. Activate / Deactivate
  4. Duplicate
  5. Delete

The Edit, Duplicate and Delete actions will appear in the Label column while hovering over the row.


New PDFs can be added by clicking the Add New button, which is located on the right-hand-side, just above the table. See our Setup PDF documentation for more details on adding a PDF.


Click a PDFs Edit action to modify an existing PDF configuration. See our Setup PDF documentation for in-depth details on what each PDF setting does.

Activate / Deactivate PDFs

Active and deactivated toggles

PDFs can be completely disabled by using the active/inactive toggle – located to the left of the Label column. Once a PDF has been set to inactive, users and administrators will no longer be able to access the document. The PDF will not be attached to email notifications, and its shortcode/merge tag won't generate a link.


The UI shown when duplicating PDFs

You can duplicate an existing PDF configuration by clicking the Duplicate action. This action will happen in the background without a page reload. The newly-duplicated PDF will have the label appended with "(copy)" and be inactive by default.


The warning shown when deleting PDFs

You can delete an existing PDF configuration by clicking the Delete action. A warning box will pop up asking you to confirm before a PDF is deleted. This action will happen in the background without a page reload.