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Version: v6

Viewing Gravity PDF documents in your Admin Area

Once you've successfully configured a PDF on one of your Gravity Forms, you'll be able to view and/or download the documents from the Gravity Forms Entry List and Entry Detail pages in your admin area.


If you have no entries for your form, you'll first need to create one before you can view/download the PDFs.

Entry List

The Gravity Forms Entry List page with View PDF link

A View PDF or Download PDF link is added to each entry's quick toolbar. Hover or provide focus to the first cell of an entry row to see the quick toolbar. The action (view or download) for the PDF will be determined by the global Entry View setting.

The Gravity Forms Entry List page with multiple PDF links under the submenu

When multiple PDFs are configured on the form, the text will change to View PDFs or Download PDFs, and upon hover/focus+enter a submenu will be shown that allows you to select one of the PDFs.

Entry Details

The Gravity Forms Entry Details page

The PDF widget is displayed below the Entry widget in the sidebar. This widget allows you to view or download any of the PDFs available to the current entry that have been configured on the form.


In previous versions of Gravity PDF the links to the documents were included in the Entry widget.

As a native widget, you can control its position in the sidebar by dragging and dropping the widget label, or by using the up or down arrow icons. You can collapse the widget by selecting the small triangle icon to the right of the up/down arrows. If you want to hide the widget entirely, use the Screen Options toggle in the top-right corner of the screen and deselect the PDFs checkbox option.