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Version: 5

Aryal Premium Template: How to Install and Configure

Aryal is a colourful, stylish Universal template with a focus on design

Aryal is a premium PDF template with a colourful, vibrant and stylish look and feel. You can purchase it from our PDF Template Shop. This guide will walk you through installing and configuring Aryal to its full potential.


Please follow our installation guide, which provides instructions for setting up and configuring your premium template.


As a Universal PDF template, Aryal can be used with all Gravity Forms and will correctly display any official Gravity Forms fields.


All PDF templates have common settings that can be configured, such as font, security and PDF attachments, and we recommend reviewing the PDF setup guide to get a better understanding on all the available settings. All template-specific configuration is done from the Template tab, and below you'll find detailed information about each option available in Aryal, what it does and how it alters the generated PDF.

Main Heading

  • The main heading is left-aligned and included on the first page of your PDF, below the Logo (if present), and before any of your Gravity Forms fields. Merge tags are supported.
  • Leave the field blank to disable.
  • This option replaces the "Show Form Title" setting. To replicate, use the {form_title} merge tag.

Logo / Image

  • This image is positioned in the top-left of the first page of the PDF (above the Main Heading). The height of the image will be no greater than 283px (24 millimetres or about 0.94 inches).
  • An image 500px wide will be a suitable resolution in most cases. To ensure your PDF generates quickly and the PDF file size stays small, we recommend using an image under 1MB.

Primary Color

  • The Primary Color is used to calculate a spread of colours for the background triangles. The List and Likert fields, as well as the Product Table, make use of this colour in their table layout.
  • The default colour is Fall Green (hex #ededb8).

Secondary Color

  • The Secondary Color is used to calculate an alternate spread of colours for the background triangles.
  • The default colour is Aqua Island (hex #acd4e0).

Color Schemes

The following Primary and Secondary Colors were used in Aryal's shop screenshots:

Additional Settings

Along with the options specific to Aryal, the following core settings are also supported:

Aryal comes packaged with the open source sans-serif font, Roboto, which was designed by Christian Robertson, an interface designer for Google. Roboto features friendly and open curves and has a natural reading rhythm. For the best results, we recommend using Roboto at 10pt.

Viewing PDF

Once you've saved your new PDF, you can view it from the Gravity Forms Entries List page. Just remember to fill out and submit your form if the entry list is empty.