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Version: 5

Sabre Premium Template: How to Install and Configure

Sabre works great with business letters, invoices, etc

Sabre is a universal PDF template that integrates seamlessly into any Gravity Form you might create. You can purchase from our PDF Template Shop. It provides functionality to include both the submitted user info and your important business details through a highly customisable full-height sidebar.


Please follow our installation guide that provides instructions for setting up and configuring your premium template.


As a Universal PDF template, Sabre can be used with all Gravity Forms and will correctly display any official Gravity Forms fields.


All PDF templates have common settings that can be configured, such as font, security and PDF attachments, and we recommend reviewing the PDF setup guide to get a better understanding on all the available settings. All template-specific configuration is done from the Template tab and below you'll find detailed information about each option available in Sabre, what it does and how it alters the generated PDF.

Main Heading

  • The main heading is included at the very start of your PDF, before any other content. Merge tags are supported.
  • Leave the field blank to disable.
  • This option replaces the "Show Form Title" setting. To replicate, use the {form_title} merge tag.
  • The sidebar spans the full height of the document and can be positioned either on the left or right-hand-side of the page.
  • As the sidebar is included on all pages, it’s an excellent design for shorter forms.
  • This image is centre-aligned in the header of each page of the PDF. The height of the image will be no greater than 280px (25 millimetres or about 1 inch).
  • An image 500px wide will be a suitable resolution in most cases. To ensure your PDF generates quickly and the PDF file size stays small, we recommend using an image under 1MB.
  • The main content of your sidebar where you can include information such as contact details, instructions, social media links or opening hours, etc.
  • For optimal display use Headings and Horizontal Lines to split up the sidebar content into easy-to-read blocks.
  • Note: All heading tags (h1 – h6) will be displayed identically in the sidebar.

Secondary Sidebar Content

  • Essentially a footer that appears at the very bottom of your sidebar.
  • For best results, keep this short and sweet.
  • Set the font type used in the sidebar. This overrides the font set in the Appearance tab.
  • Set the font size used in the sidebar. The default font size is 11pt. This overrides the font set in the Appearance tab.
  • Set the font colour used in the sidebar. This overrides the font set in the Appearance tab.

Only Display Sidebar on First Page?

  • When enabled the sidebar will only show on page 1 of the PDF. The content area margins will remain unchanged on subsequent pages. Defaults to display on all pages.
  • Added in version 1.2
  • This is the background colour used in the sidebar. The default sidebar background colour used in Sabre is a Denim (hex #1e73be).
  • Pick a suitable contrasting colour for your logo.

Additional Settings

Along with the options specific to Sabre, the following core settings are also supported:

Sabre comes bundled with Lato, an open source Google font (SIL Open Font License 1.1). Lato is a highly readable sans serif font that works great at 11pt with Sabre. Set the PDF font in the Appearance tab.

Viewing PDF

Once you've saved your new PDF, you can view it from the Gravity Forms Entries List page. Just remember to fill out and submit your form if the entry list is empty.