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Version: v6

Cellulose Universal Template: How to Install and Configure

Two A4 pieces of paper stacked on top of each other. Both are printed copies of PDFs generated using Gravity PDF and Cellulose.

Cellulose is a business-orientated premium PDF template that displays your form data in a slim two-column table-based layout. You can purchase it from our PDF Template Shop. This guide will walk you through installing and configuring Cellulose to its full potential.


As a Universal PDF template, Cellulose can be used with all Gravity Forms and will correctly display any official Gravity Forms fields. Because the design is a fixed two-column table layout, Drag and Drop columns are not supported.


Please follow our installation guide, which provides instructions for setting up and configuring your premium template.


All PDF templates have common settings that can be configured, such as font, security and PDF attachments, and we recommend reviewing the PDF setup guide to get a better understanding on all the available settings. All template-specific configuration is done from the Template section and below you'll find detailed information about each option available in Cellulose, what it does and how it alters the generated PDF.

Main Heading

  • The main heading is included at the very start of your PDF, before any other content. Merge tags are supported.
  • Leave the field blank to disable.

Logo / Image

  • This image is positioned in the top-left of the first page of the PDF. The height of the image will be no greater than 175px (15 millimetres or about 0.6 inches).
  • An image 500px wide will be a suitable resolution in most cases. To ensure your PDF generates quickly and the PDF file size stays small, we recommend using an image under 1MB.

Cell Border Color

  • Set the cell border color for the field label and user response. The default color is Alto (hex #d4d4d4).

Cell Border

  • Cell borders are shown by default. When this checkbox is ticked, the PDF will not show any borders around the field label or user response.

First Page Header

  • The header is displayed in the top-right corner of page 1 in your PDF. The header is not displayed on any other pages (this matches the functionality of the logo).
  • The header is right-aligned in the document, and this cannot be changed.
  • Added in version 1.3.
  • The footer is displayed in the bottom-left corner of all pages in your PDF.
  • The footer is left-aligned in the document, and this cannot be changed.
  • Added in version 1.3.

Page Numbers

  • Page numbers are shown by default. When this checkbox is ticked the PDF will not show the current page number in the bottom right corner of the document.

Additional Settings

Along with the options specific to Cellulose, the following core settings are also supported:

Cellulose comes bundled with Arimo, an open source Google web font (Apache License, Version 2.0). Arimo is an innovative, refreshing sans serif font that works great at 10pt with Cellulose. Set the PDF font in the Appearance section.

Viewing PDF

Once you've saved your new PDF, you can view it from the Gravity Forms Entries List page.