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Version: v6

How do I adjust the size of images in the Header / Footer of Core and Universal templates?

Gravity PDF automatically restricts the height of images in headers/footers to prevent them taking up a large portion of a page. This is a good thing, as headers/footers with too large a height can cause display problems.

If you trying to add content to the header/footer that really should be in the document body, there is a better way to handle this.

If you would like the image to extend the full width of the header/footer we recommend creating a long and thin image. The exact dimensions will be Paper Size specific, but for the common sizes use:

  • A4 (Portrait): 1076 x 140px
  • A4 (Landscape): 1570 x 140px
  • Letter (Portrait): 1110 x 140px
  • Letter (Landscape): 1470 x 140px

If you really want to make the image taller in the header/footer, you can override the default behaviour by including a style attribute in your img HTML markup. Follow these steps to make the adjustment:

  1. Go to PDF List Page and edit the PDF you want to adjust. Scroll down until you locate the Template section.

PDF Settings - Template Tab

  1. Scroll down to the Header/Footer Rich Text Editor you are interested in and select the Text tab to show the raw HTML markup.

Switch to Header Rich Text Editor

  1. Add style="max-height: 400px" to the <img /> tag and then save/update.

Include style”max-height: 400px”

It should look like this in your editor:

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-12 aligncenter" src="http://testsite.local/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Group82InternshipProgramHeaderBanner.png" alt="" width="1030" height="250" style="max-height: 400px" />

Increase or decrease the max-height value of the image to get the desired size. Some trial and error may be required.


A screenshot of a PDF with a logo constrained to a fixed height


A screenshot of a PDF with the logo size increased to the max-height specified