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Version: v6

Gravity Wiz Entry Block Support

Gravity Wiz's Entry Block Perk uses the WordPress block editor to allow you to configure and display Gravity Forms entries on the frontend of your website.

You can include a PDF Download link in any of the Entry Block's variations using either the [gravitypdf] shortcode, or the PDF merge tag in combination with a Button block.


If you are not filtering entries by the current logged-in user, you should enable the signed URL feature. Signed URLs are supported for both the [gravitypdf] shortcode and PDF merge tags. Find out more by reviewing the PDF Permissions section.

The frontend Table variant showing a new custom column to download PDFs for the Gravity Wiz Entry Block perk The frontend Table variant showing a new custom column to download PDFs

Entry Table

The Entry Table variant allows you to control the specific table columns that are displayed on the frontend. To add a PDF Download Link to the table you need to open the Select a Column dropdown (found under the Summary Columns section) and choose the Custom option:

Selecting a Custom column from the Summary Columns setting in the Table Variant of the Gravity Wiz Entry Block perk

After the new column is added, select the Open Options spanner/wrench icon to bring up the Summary Column Options dialog box. Here you will be able to set the label and contents for the new column.


You can copy and paste your form's [gravitypdf] shortcode straight into the Content field and a PDF Download link will automatically be displayed on the frontend.

Adding the [gravitypdf] shortcode to a new column in the Table Variant of the Gravity Wiz Entry Block perk

Merge tag

If you want control of the anchor tag markup you can use the associated PDF merge tag instead of a shortcode. This is useful if you wanted the PDF to open up in a new browser tab (<a target="_blank" ... />) or to include a wrapper around the link (because your theme auto-applies specific styles to this markup structure).

Adding an anchor tag that will open in a new window to view a PDF in the Table Variant of the Gravity Wiz Entry Block perk

Entry Loop, Single Entry, Edit Single Entry

Unlike the table view, all other variants make full use of the available blocks in the editor. This means you need to add a new block to the variant you are interested in to include a PDF Download Link.

A Shortcode and Button Group block in the Block Editor with a PDF download link added using both the PDF shortcode and merge tag


You can add a Shortcode block or copy/paste the [gravitypdf] shortcode straight into a new paragraph to include a PDF Download Link in one of these variants.

Merge tag

Add a Button block and add the Gravity PDF merge tag for the button's link. Alternatively, you can highlight text in a paragraph block and use the PDF merge tag for the link.


Because of Gravity PDF's security, default access to view or download PDFs is restricted to the entry owner, or users with a capability found in the User Restriction setting. Unless you are creating a member's area so the current logged-in user can download their own PDFs, or a simple CRUD system for site admins, you should enable the Signed PDF feature so the public can access the PDF documents.

If using the [gravitypdf] shortcode you should include the signed="1" attribute:

[gravitypdf name="Default Template" id="56ea5a3b2c684" text="Download PDF" signed="1"]

If using a PDF merge tag you should include the signed modifier:

{Default Template:56ea5a3b2c684:signed}