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Version: 5



This filter can be used to dynamically change or add to the Gravity PDF global settings. For a permanent way to set the global settings you should use the GPDFAPI::add_plugin_option() or GPDFAPI::update_plugin_option() methods instead.


$settings | array

  • The Gravity PDF global settings
  • This shouldn't be confused with the individual PDF settings.

$is_temp | boolean

  • If this is true, a user failed the settings validate/sanitise process, and we are returning their saved state.
  • It's highly unlikely you ever need to change the default settings when this is true, and you should check for this in your filter.


This snippet shows you how to change the logged out timeout security setting. Before modifying the setting, we're looking for a constant you conditionally defined at some stage (but you could use any temporary condition).

add_action( 'gfpdf_get_settings', function( $settings, $is_temp ) {

* Only modify the default PDF settings when it's not currently in a validation state
* AND our special one-time PREFIX_SWITCH constant you defined when certain conditions are met
if( false === $is_temp && defined( 'PREFIX_SWITCH' ) ) {

/* Check the array item we want exists and then update */
if( isset( $settings['logged_out_timeout'] ) ) {
$settings['logged_out_timeout'] = '40';

return $settings;

}, 10, 2 );

Source Code

This filter is located in the Helper_Abstract_Options::get_settings() method of /src/helper/abstract/Helper_Abstract_Options.php.