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Version: 5



Checkboxes, Multiselect, Radio, Select and Product fields allow both labels and values to be set in the form Editor. By default, all core PDF templates will display a field's label instead of the value. Use this filter to show the field value instead.


This action was introduced in Gravity PDF 4.1.


$show_value | boolean

  • Return true to display the value of radio, select, multiselect, checkbox and product fields in the core PDFs

$field | Helper_Abstract_Fields object

  • The current field being processed
  • Added in Gravity PDF 5.1

$items | array

  • The current field values
  • Added in Gravity PDF 5.1


Show value for all selected field types:

add_action( 'gfpdf_show_field_value', '__return_true' );

Show value for select field types only:

add_action( 'gfpdf_show_field_value', function( $show_value, $field = null, $items = null ) {
if ( $field !== null && $field->get_input_type() === 'select' ) {
return true;

return $show_value;
}, 10, 3 );

Source Code

This filter is located in the Field_Checkbox.php, Field_Multiselect.php, Field_Radio.php, Field_Select.php and Field_Products.php files in the /src/helper/fields/ directory.