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Version: 5



This filter allows you to add to the action links on the PDF list page. Keep in mind this is only half the process. You still need to write the logic that handles the action.


$actions | array

  • A list of the current PDF actions. By default these include edit, duplicate and delete.

$item | array

  • The current PDF configuration array.


The following snippet adds a View link to the PDF list:

add_filter( 'gfpdf_pdf_actions', function( $actions, $item ) {

* Add our own action to the PDF list
* You'll need to add an event listener to process the action later.
* In this example you would listen for $_GET['prefix_view'] and check there's a valid $_GET['pid'],
* then verify the user has the correct capabilities to run your action before finally checking the $_GET['_nonce'] is valid.
* If all that was successful you can then process your action and redirect them back to the PDF list page
$nonce = wp_create_nonce( 'prefix_view_nonce_' . $item['id'] );
$view_url = add_query_arg( array( 'pid' => $item['id'], 'prefix_view' => '1', '_nonce' => $nonce ) );

$actions['view'] = '<a href="' . $view_url . '" title="' . __( 'View this PDF', 'prefix-text-domain' ) . '">' . __( 'View', 'prefix-text-domain' ) . '</a>';

return $actions;

}, 10, 2 );

Source Code

This filter is located in the Helper_PDF_List_Table::column_name() method of /src/helper/Helper_PDF_List_Table.php.